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Jack Reilly, director of the Maui School of Art, has maintained an extensive career as an artist, beginning with his Abstract Illusionist paintings that were first exhibited at the Molly Barnes Gallery, Los Angeles; the Denver Art Museum; Oakland Museum; and Fischer Museum at the University of Southern California; among numerous other museums and galleries nationwide.

Professor Reilly built his art career working with complex shaped canvases. A master of painting materials and techniques, he strongly believes that art students must develop an in-depth foundation in traditional painting methods, which will ultimately facilitate them to pursue any artistic direction of their choice. In addition to his acclaimed work in abstraction, Reilly has been teaching representational painting at colleges, universities and private art schools for over thirty years. The images below images feature Reilly's wide range of technical proficiency in representational painting. To view his painting career in depth, you can visit his personal website at:

Photo of Jack Reilly by Donna Granata © Focus on the Masters

Shortly after receiving his Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University, Reilly introduced his innovative "Soft Realism Series." This style of Photo Realism has since become a common painting genre throughout the world. Although Reilly prefers working in oil when painting repreentational imagery, for this particular group of paintings (1978-1979) he used the airbrush with acrylics.
The "Classic Series" (1988-1990), incorporates a variety of media including oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on shaped canvases. Layered sections of classical realism painting are integrated with abstract fragments and elaborate gilded frames.
In the "Endangered Landscape" series (1991-1992), rendered in oil, idealized landscape paintings are justaposed adjacent castings of real objects found at the actual scene of the painted image. Geometric shaped canvases house the various segments with the painted landscape existing within the diamond structure and the low-relief sculptural imagery occupying the outer corner sections.
Reilly's interest in representational painting is exemplified in his recent "Icon Series" (2015-2016). Painted in oil on shaped canvas, these complex pieces elevate the concept of traditional landscape painting, as elaborate guilded frames crown meticulous scenery, rendered in a style reminiscent of 15th century European icon painting. Landscape imagery depicts the notion of a perfect time and place.
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