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Maui School of Art, Lahaina Hawaii
Images depicted on the pages of this website were created by students working under the instruction of Jack Reilly
Home Top left: Sasha Hercik. Bottom: Leah Hsieh
About Top left: Andrew Healey, Hilary Asbury. Top right: Andrew Healey, Jenna Sanders
Bottom left: Rick Scheidman, Sasha Hercik, Christine Higgins, Jeanie Brandt, Janis Casco.
Bottom right: Marie Tamura-Sneed, Suze Casper

Row 1: Yvette Hasan, Jeanette Corona, George Pernham
Row 2: paintings by Sandra Cruz, Marie Tamura-Sneed, Gabriela Leon
Row 3: Janis Casco, Rick Scheidman, Lhena Brommelz
Row 4: Paintings by Linda Brown, Janis Casco

Courses Methods and Techniques: Gwenlyn Norton
Classical Painting: Lhena Brommels
Studio Landscape Painting: Janis Casco
Photo Realism: Jack Reilly
Advanced Freestyle: Ashleigh Norman
En Plein Air: Student Artist
Painting from the Model: Hillary Asbury
Impressionism Techniques: Amelia Dickey
Airbrush Painting: Angel Rivas
Abstract Painting: Nela Dunaway
Artist at work (bottom of page): David Schonhoff

Students Top: Sasha Hercik, Right: Melissa Eiser
Below: Dennis King, Jeanie Brandt, Gabriela An Ro, Janis Casco





1st Row: Left: Erika Craig, Right: Jessica Benefiel
2nd Row: Julia Bush
3th Row: Left: Cathy Warburton, Right: Katherine Hodgins
4th Row: Coutrney McGowan
5th Row: Left: Beth Thayer, Right: Wyatt Vandergeest
6th Row: Left: Mary Hunter, Right: Judy Plambeck
7th Row: Morgan Bedford
8th Row: Left: Erika Craig, Right: Christine Brand
9th Row: Therese Larkin
10th Row: David Shonhoff, Stephen Rotella, Nicolas Capaldi

Contact Left to right: Rick Scheidman, Sasha Hercik, Christine Higgins, Jeanie Brandt, Janis Casco
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