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Maui School of Art, Lahaina Hawaii
Have you ever wondered how the old masters did it? At Maui School of Art, before long you will be painting like an old master. For many years, artist/professor Jack Reilly has been teaching beginning painting students the secrets that underly the magnificent work of the Renaissance and old master painters. The success rate of Reilly's painting method is phenomenal, as students quickly learn to apply techniques that result in beautiful professional looking work.
  Jeanette Corona  
      Painting by Gabriella Leon
"Within every person, there is an artist trying to escape," and our goal is to facilitate the artist within you. Through inspiring courses, time-tested and innovative methods and techniques, combined with personal attention from highly qualified instructors, you will have the opportunity to explore your creative self, while experiencing the natural beauty and tranquility of Maui.
Satisfaction that comes from painting is something very difficult to describe. Students of painting and professional artists alike, might tell you that it is a calling, often an obsession. Artists continually challenge themselves to achieve a higher level of accomplishment. Diversity of ideas and individual styles drive artists in their quest to develop personal and engaging visual imagery. No two people think exactly alike or see things in the same way. Artworks, like fingerprints, are all uniquely different, just as those individuals who create them.
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All paintings depicted above were created by students working under the instruction of Jack Reilly.