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Note: As of August 31, 2017, Maui School of Art closed the Lahaina studio location.
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Painting Methods and Techniques
In this course, students select the painting style or direction they are interested in pursuing. Individual instruction is given to each student, as they work through a series of techniques that result in completed paintings. You can choose to focus on a specific painting method (based on the courses listed below) or experiment with a number of styles. This is an excellent opportunity to explore and learn painting techniques, while developing your ideas and artistic skills.


Classical Painting Techniques
Age-old painting techniques of the old masters are revealed in an easy to understand yet innovative painting method devised by prof. Jack Reilly. Systematic techniques are utilized in the preparation and structuring of the subject matter for painting. Traditional painting methods of under-painting and glazing are incorporated, resulting in stunning visual images reminiscent of Renaissance and Baroque style painting. The success rate of artists working with Reilly's method is phenomenal and well documented. (View Examples)


Studio Landscape Painting
Enjoy the convenience of bringing your landscape indoors and painting it in an air conditioned studio. Working from a photograph, or a combination of images, students compose the landscape subject matter and paint it in their choice of oil, acrylic, or water color media. Composition and color modifications allow the student to express a personal vision of their ideal landscape.


Secrets of Photo Realism
The invention of the camera in the nineteenth century initially challenged the artist's notion of depicting images of reality. Painters responded in turn by challenging the photograph with elements of scale, precise color and extreme detail. Throughout the twentieth century and continuing into the new millennium, new artistic methods have been developed that result in stunningly realistic paintings. This course teaches you how to achieve amazing realistic results.

  Advanced Freestyle Painting Workshop
This course is especially designed for more advanced artists who seek to refine and expand upon their personal style of painting, or explore working in new artistic genres. Whether it be representational art, abstraction, mixed media, or experimental work, this studio class is an opportunity to continue the development of a personal body of work, while exploring in-depth artistic concepts.

Painting   En Plein Air
The French term "En Plein Air" meaning "working outdoors on location," and describes the experience of personal immersion in nature while creating a painting. The island of Maui offers some of the most breathtakingly beautiful vistas in the world. Students learn landscape painting while experiencing the sensual, tropical environment and visual wonders of Maui.

Painting and Drawing from the Live Model
The study of the human figure and its representation depicted through gesture, contour, value, and volume. Anatomy, proportion, foreshortening and structure are explored through observation, drawing and painting of live models. This long-standing artist tradition is fundamental to all drawing and painting styles and techniques.



Techniques of the Impressionists
Depicting light and color is at the core of Impressionism. Whether it be landscape, seascape, cityscape, or the human figure, observation and understanding elements of light and color theory are the key to creating impressionistic paintings. Students will explore various techniques of paint application while gaining an understanding of color and developing aspects of personal observation and visual interpretation.




Airbrush Painting
Most people think the airbrush is a modern tool used for only for painting illustrations on vans and surfboards. Actually, the airbrush was invented in 1876 and has served fine and commercial artists of all types for over a century. The airbrush can be used to paint classical style imagery, photo realism, abstraction, graffiti art and of course the more commonly familiar objects such as surfboards, motorcycles, and vans. Airbrush painting is another unique and popular course to be offered by the Maui School of Art.




Abstract Painting
Modern and contemporary abstraction offer the artist new and exciting ways to express one's self through painting. From abstract expressionism, to geometric abstraction and all that lies in between, this course provides the adventurous artist with the opportunity to experiment in painting and art theory, while expressing a sense of personal freedom that can only be experienced through painting.


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